Lack of Focus and Decreasing Utility-Cost in Smartphones

We have been seeing developments in the smartphone industry thanks to the progress made in digital technology. But the industry is near saturation at this point. This virtual membrane will brake. But when? Why is it there though? I think because of the gradual shift from consumer based approach to product based approach. Technology is… Continue reading Lack of Focus and Decreasing Utility-Cost in Smartphones

Buying Smartphone: Monetary Consideration

The smartphone industry is progressing fast, and having a smartphone for years is not as good an idea. There’s a cycle. Buy a phone, use it, take backup, sell the phone, buy a phone, restore backup, use it, take backup, sell it, and so on. You have something fresh, or relatively fresh, with you and… Continue reading Buying Smartphone: Monetary Consideration

Buying Smartphone: Old Expensive or New Budget-friendly?

Smartphone industry is progressing fast. As a result, phones launched even a year ago are seeming outdated and prices are dropping. Now you can get phones which were high-end a year ago for prices of current low-end phones. But whether that would be a good deal or not depends on your preferences, what you want… Continue reading Buying Smartphone: Old Expensive or New Budget-friendly?

Tempered Glass and Capacitive Buttons

These days most smartphones come with on-screen navigation buttons, but some still come with capacitive buttons on the bezels. The quality of these buttons is not the same on every model. Most models have a good set of buttons installed, but on some models they are less sensitive and on some they are hyper sensitive. But… Continue reading Tempered Glass and Capacitive Buttons

Xperia Z5 – Prefered Smartphone

As of now, if I were to choose a smartphone, I'd go for Xperia Z5. I'd have gone for Google Nexus 6P by Huawei, but its screen is a little large for me without any feature for one-handed operation. Specs wise it's not the best. But here is a checklist. Medium screen size - check… Continue reading Xperia Z5 – Prefered Smartphone