Buying Smartphone: Monetary Consideration

The smartphone industry is progressing fast, and having a smartphone for years is not as good an idea. There’s a cycle. Buy a phone, use it, take backup, sell the phone, buy a phone, restore backup, use it, take backup, sell it, and so on. You have something fresh, or relatively fresh, with you and… Continue reading Buying Smartphone: Monetary Consideration

Buying Smartphone: Old Expensive or New Budget-friendly?

Smartphone industry is progressing fast. As a result, phones launched even a year ago are seeming outdated and prices are dropping. Now you can get phones which were high-end a year ago for prices of current low-end phones. But whether that would be a good deal or not depends on your preferences, what you want… Continue reading Buying Smartphone: Old Expensive or New Budget-friendly?

Xperia Z5 – Prefered Smartphone

As of now, if I were to choose a smartphone, I'd go for Xperia Z5. I'd have gone for Google Nexus 6P by Huawei, but its screen is a little large for me without any feature for one-handed operation. Specs wise it's not the best. But here is a checklist. Medium screen size - check… Continue reading Xperia Z5 – Prefered Smartphone