The More I Know You

The more I know you, the more I want to talk to you. And in attempts at a conversation, I talk about stuff that I would otherwise find mundane, also in an attempt to better understand you. For the more I know you, the more anxious I get, thinking “what if this is boring,” orContinue reading “The More I Know You”

A Letter

If I’m a black hole, I’m going on taking in experiences, growing largely unaffected by much of anything. Then came you, with as strong a field, maybe stronger, and shook everything up. You’re everything that I’ve wanted. There’s the unique sense of individuality, independence and freedom, and yet there is empathy, kindness and tolerance. ThereContinue reading “A Letter”

All I Want to Do

I want to talk to you. I want to listen to you talk. And when there’s nothing to talk about, I just want to be in your company. I want to listen to you sing. I want to watch you dance. I want to write for you, sing for you. And when I dance likeContinue reading “All I Want to Do”

A Quest for Perfection

Perfection, how wonderful would it be for someone to achieve it! But it is one of the things that cannot be reached. It is like an epitome of desire placed at a distance. You crawl, walk, run towards it, but you can never reach it. With each step you take, you feel it; you feelContinue reading “A Quest for Perfection”

What Do You Do

What do you do when you see something and it reminds you of her? You see families. You see friends. You see couples. Or you watch a movie, or see an ad. You see so many things. What do you do when all of them remind you of her. What do you do when everythingContinue reading “What Do You Do”

I Wonder

I see a dress. I wonder how you would look in it. I see people interacting. I wonder how you would react to certain things. I hear someone say something. I wonder how you would say it. I like a musical track. I wonder how you would take it. I wonder how you would danceContinue reading “I Wonder”

Someone Like You

I was thinking about it. I don’t want someone who has nothing to do, yet goes on doing things. I want someone with passion. I want someone with dreams and goals, and a drive to work towards their fruition. I don’t want someone who is just going on without thought. I want someone who isContinue reading “Someone Like You”

Love and Being in Love?

I recently read somewhere, “I loved him, but I was not in love with him,” on which a friend of mine said that it’s like “I ate food but the food didn’t go through my oesophagus.” Keeping genders and the fact that it was meant to be a light-hearted joke aside, my friend’s statement resemblesContinue reading “Love and Being in Love?”

Buying a Pen

I bought a pen after a long time. Last time I had bought four pieces of a model with a few re-fills. It took a few months for me to use them all up. I am writing more than before – as in exams, posts for the blog, and random stories and stuff, etc. ButContinue reading “Buying a Pen”