Undone | TV Series | 2019

“A half-hour genre bending, animated series that explores the elastic nature of reality,” states the description on Prime Video. And does it live up to the claim? Absolutely. Created by Kate Purdy and Raphael Bob-Waksberg, starring Rosa Salazart as Alma – the protagonist who, after an accident, starts to experience her mysterious ability to flowContinue reading “Undone | TV Series | 2019”

Not Okay

With the widespread hypocrisy and the silent misogyny, is it really okay? Are we thinking about the pending cases or the ones that are not even reported? NO.   Are we thinking about what we teach the next generation? Or about the different house rules, the unspoken ones, that we put up based on genderContinue reading “Not Okay”

On Digital Cameras

Cameras are useful tools to have. As technology shifted from Analogue to Digital, the Camera Industry adapted. The participants who did not, faded. These days, in digital technology, we are seeing rapid development in processing power, advances in the use of machine learning algorithms, etc. But it does seem like there is something missing. “New”Continue reading “On Digital Cameras”

On Education and Academia

Education, in the general sense, means the act of imposing or acquiring knowledge, and is a vital building block of society. Why, then, do we not give it enough importance? It may seem like we do with all the “study hard”, “get good grades”, etc., but I would like to disagree with this notion. EducationContinue reading “On Education and Academia”

On Trade Off

Simply put, “Trade Off” means “to exchange something for or with another”. The concept of trade off is a basic one and is one of the founding pillars in economics. You have to give something to get something, and I am writing this article from a similar point of view. This came to my mindContinue reading “On Trade Off”

On Being in the 0.0x

In a national level test, I secured a percentile of 99.9x, making me one of the top 0.0x. Here I am writing about how it was and sharing my views on improving in that area. How it felt? It felt good, really good. But somewhere inside, I thought it was not enough. I often say,Continue reading “On Being in the 0.0x”

On Operations, Management

“Where are you doing your internship?” “It’s ‘XYZ’.” “Cool! What specialisations are you opting for?” “I’ll be concentrating on Operations and Finance.” “So your job at ‘XYZ’ is mostly Finance? There’s not much for operations.” “No. It’s mostly Marketing.” “But why?” Going with specialisation first, there is not one specialisation per se, at least inContinue reading “On Operations, Management”

What Do I Do With It

It is not love that hurts. It’s the ones that come with it – fear, hope, expectations, rejection – to name a few. They all keep on growing. But now, love has grown enough to overshadow the others. Does it in any way mean that you have to be with me for me to loveContinue reading “What Do I Do With It”