Lack of Focus and Decreasing Utility-Cost in Smartphones

We have been seeing developments in the smartphone industry thanks to the progress made in digital technology. But the industry is near saturation at this point. This virtual membrane will brake. But when? Why is it there though? I think because of the gradual shift from consumer based approach to product based approach. Technology is… Continue reading Lack of Focus and Decreasing Utility-Cost in Smartphones

On Real Estate Listing Sites

Introduction This article is to look at the service offerings of the Real Estate Listing Sites from an Operations point of view. The main purpose they serve is to facilitate buying, selling and renting of real estate. The service revolves around information - providing information about options to buyers and about queries to sellers. Then… Continue reading On Real Estate Listing Sites

Why I have come to Love Mathematics

According to, Mathematics is a noun, meaning "the systematic treatment of magnitude, relationship between figures and forms, and relations between quantities expressed symbolically". This is the first time I checked the definitive meaning of the word out of curiosity. It is interesting. Now, I am good with numbers, or so I have heard and… Continue reading Why I have come to Love Mathematics