My Time with Linux Distros

I love using certain Linux distros as my primary OS. But I’m solely using Windows as of now. The main reason being the availability of certain drivers (specifically audio drivers). Now, this is not meant to imply that one should not consider using Linux because such problems may arise. These problems may arise on anyContinue reading “My Time with Linux Distros”

Chromium Based Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has launched its new Edge browser and has rolled it out to most Windows 10 users through the May 2020 update. Some might have noticed the slightly different icon, and it is not just the icon that has changed. You might have read about Chromium Edge. Or Edgium?  Edge is now based on Chromium, just like Google Chrome. This, itself, makesContinue reading “Chromium Based Microsoft Edge”

On Digital Cameras

Cameras are useful tools to have. As technology shifted from Analogue to Digital, the Camera Industry adapted. The participants who did not, faded. These days, in digital technology, we are seeing rapid development in processing power, advances in the use of machine learning algorithms, etc. But it does seem like there is something missing. “New”Continue reading “On Digital Cameras”