Hello and welcome to SeleMoir – Journal of an Eclectic Mind. I am SM, a financial analyst, who is also into technology, movies & TV series, novels, manga, music and photography, among other things.

The name – Eclectic (Selective) Journal (Memoir) – Selective Memoir – SeleMoir.

Although the blog does not confirm to a niche as such, I mostly publish movies & TV series reviews, game-play videos, articles on technology, attempts at fiction, personal reflections and others.

The contents:

  • Watchlist: Covers some of the movies and TV series I have watched. You can also have a look at the ratings shared by me on IMDb.
  • Gaming: Mostly game-plays on a mid range PC (with mouse and keyboard) by a casual gamer. Feel free to subscribe on YouTube.
  • Technology: Covers science and technology in general, and consumer tech in particular.
  • Musings: Covers my attempts at prose, poetry and short fiction, etc.
  • Articles: Covers everything that does not fall under the other classifications.

Thank you for visiting.

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