Warrior Nun – TV Series – 2020

“After waking up in a morgue, an orphaned teen discovers she now possesses superpowers as the chosen Halo Bearer for a secret sect of demon-hunting nuns.” It sounds more exciting than it really is, but it has potential.

Warrior Nun - SeleMoir
Source: IMDb

The series has a strong start. But that is that. It goes downhill soon and improves only towards end. The trailer advertises fantasy and action, we see some fantasy and action of good quality, but for the most part, there is drama – teenage drama.

Now, for the story to feel whole, drama has to be there considering the backstory of the protagonist. In short, she was paralysed and then died and then brought back to life when the crucifix was put in her for safekeeping. She got a second chance at life and she wants to live it for herself. But at some point, you would want your story to resume on the main plot. Yes, stories that are amalgamations of multiple genres, have the potential to be exceptional. But Warrior Nun is not an amalgamation. It is more like discrete pieces put together just because they can be.

My biggest question to the creators are about the over misuse of teen drama and the pointless slow pace of the series overall. The show pace is a waste of time for the viewer. The pace of the story does have an impact on the experience of the consumer and whether that is good or not depends on the viewer and the story, it’s not good here.

Now coming to teenage drama, it’s more than what they have shown here. And what was the point of the side story based on a potential love interest? “Potential” because it was not complete in the way of storytelling. If her point of view was the focus, the story could’ve started in a different manner. If multiple points of views was intentional, the series could’ve progressed in a different manner. And, why preach women empowerment and then write it off through patriarchy with having no women in either political or societal power?

After all this, the series improves towards the end, and I expect that it’s going to be relatively better second season onwards. I would suggest, to anyone who’s interested in the support or the genre, to watch the recap of the first season and move on to the second, or watch the first at a faster pace (Netflix has reintroduced the playback speed settings again) and move on to the second.

Rating: 6/10


Rotten Tomatoes

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