Coolie No. 1 | Movie | 2020

Coolie No. 1 - SeleMoir

LOL. Sigh. Why. These are some of the thoughts that may come to your mind if you watch this movie. And quite likely, you will not get LOL because there’s good comedy, but because this romantic comedy is a joke – pun intended.

Coolie No. 1 - SeleMoir
Source: Times of India

This is a story of a porter who falls in love with a rich girl after a glance at her photo. This is also a story of a matchmaking pandit, who want’s revenge after being insulted by the rich father of the said girl after getting a not so rich family for a proposed marriage with his daughter. This is a story of the gold-digging father, who wants to marry his daughters into a rich family.

This is a difficult review for me. I am not an expert dissecting the technical aspects of a movie. I usually look at what seems good and what does not, in a movie or a series. And that is hard to say in case of Coolie No. 1, even when I am not comparing this to the original one or the 1995 remake with Govinda and Karishma Kapoor.

The main cast of the movie includes Varun Dhawan, Sara Ali Khan, Paresh Rawal and Jaaved Jaaferi. Other notable actors in the movie are Rajpal Yadav and Johny Lever. The performance is mediocre here. Some are below are average, while others seem average after performing well with the below par character design and dialogues.

Yes, pointless and nonsensical stupidity can work as comic relief, but it must be well written and very well executed. It is then that the audience can let go of any sense of logic, ignore any loopholes, and simply enjoy the movie. Yes, if we strictly adhere to all the boundaries of political correctness, humour will be lost. But, when humour is missing from the start, the offensive attitude is all that is visible. I am saying this as it seems that the movie is trying to land racist humour, trying to bet on laughter at disabilities, does not try to make women anything more than a man’s love interest or someone to be married off, and tries to carry the humour as a whole on the idea of demeaning the institution of marriage.

The script is poor. Jokes are severely lacking – because of both writing and performance. There are marks of weak VFX and filler scenes as well. Well, the movie itself seems like a filler in Prime Video’s database and in the portfolio of the cast and crew. I cannot recommend this to anyone. It is only a “maybe” if you simply want a movie to be kept playing in the background.

Rating: 2/10


Rotten Tomatoes (it’s not indexed yet)

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