Not Okay

Not Okay - SeleMoir

With the widespread hypocrisy and the silent misogyny, is it really okay? Are we thinking about the pending cases or the ones that are not even reported? NO.


Are we thinking about what we teach the next generation? Or about the different house rules, the unspoken ones, that we put up based on gender – like the deadline to come home, or how to behave and phrase your words? Why is it okay in many households to raise your voice against mother, but not father, for example?

Why are we not thinking about the safety and also the judicial system? Where would the fire go now? How would the cause be driven? Do we wait for the next incident? NO.

We say, “be careful” When can we say, “it’s okay”?

When I head part of the story, I was somewhat relieved. But then I thought, and thanks to some writings shared by a friend and a small discussion, I think I was wrong. I was not thinking about solution.

I wanted to ask, “are you okay?” But I can’t. I know I’m not and neither is she. And no one should be. Not unless we can say, “it’s okay” to unfounded anxiety, which is far from unfounded as of now.

It’s Not Okay. Not Yet.

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