Why I have come to Love Mathematics

Why I have come to Love Mathematics - SeleMoir

According to Dictionary.com, Mathematics is a noun, meaning “the systematic treatment of magnitude, relationship between figures and forms, and relations between quantities expressed symbolically”. This is the first time I checked the definitive meaning of the word out of curiosity. It is interesting.

Now, I am good with numbers, or so I have heard and have come to say, but I’m not what you’d call a Math-wizard. I have just been exposed to the mathematical operations that form part of the subjects that I have studied, and I have been better than average. That is all.

I didn’t always like Mathematics. My interest has seen some ups and downs, so to say.

I have always liked the fact that in a mathematical system, there is consistency. Unlike people, who sometimes say something or claim to follow set of principles and act otherwise. There are also instances of the principles being contradictory.

Why I have come to Love Mathematics - SeleMoir
Source: Towards Data Science

This brings me to another thing about mathematics that I’ve come to appreciate lately. A beautiful combination of freedom and consistency is there. You’re free to create a mathematical system, it’s just that the principles have to be consistent and not contradict one another.

And what’s the point of these “systems”? At some point they become useful in the real world as the physical world follows consistent set of principles. An example that comes to my mind at this point is that of Fourier Transformation and Digital Electronics.

It is interesting when I meet people actively avoid mathematical subjects finding it cumbersome. However, it is exciting to meet people who like mathematics and actually have way better grasp of the subject than I do.

Now, and I say it again, I’m no Math-wizard, but I’ll say this to those who find mathematics very difficult. Calm your mind and think in terms of logic. Do not let preconceived notions distract you. Mathematics is about logic and logic is pure straight line, to put it simply.

What do you think?


  1. It certainly seems inseparable from physics and many scientific subjects and theory often at a later date proves useful for practical purposes.
    The theory of numbers is sometimes called the queen of mathematics and is often studied out of a pure love of the beauty of the natural numbers. I suppose one of the most famous is Fermat’s last Theorem solved at last by Andrew Wiles. The proof is beyond me but the theorem is quite easy to understand.
    The prime numbers have proved an endless fascination and they have an elusive quality and a way of creating a prime is yet to be found.


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