Considering Medium… Again

Medium is a blogging platform with a clean interface. It is focused on reading and writing. I had used it before, but I switched back to as Medium seemed limiting. But as things have changed now, a simple and clean reading-writing platform would be perfect for my needs now.

Besides, medium has now developed in a remarkable manner. When writing as an individual, my articles would be shown on my profile. Even if I am joined by other writers and go for a publication, our articles will be there in the publication, as well as on each of our profiles depending on who has written it. One can follow the individual writers as well as the publications. If a publication has their own domain name, they can map it too. These features were there from the start as well, but they do seem more appealing now.

Then there is the membership scheme that they have introduced. Certain writers and publications can publish articles exclusively for the members, and non-members can access up to three such articles per month. Some of these articles are recorded for listening as well, and by real people, not a computer. And if a reader “claps” (similar to “like”), a part of their membership fee goes to the respective writer or publication. Of course, this is not open to everyone, and one has to be approved after applying to become a publishing partner; and there are certain rules on what cannot be in such exclusive articles (like no advertisements, etc.). But it is good to know that they have started such a scheme. The focus is on the content not on ads; the writers and the publishers make money for their content, not from the ads.

Medium is for the readers and the writers, and when you fall under both the categories, it is definitely for you. So I’ll slowly transfer my blog from to Medium. Let’s see how this goes.

Here is the link to my Medium Profile.

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