What Do I Do With It

What Do I Do With It - SeleMoir
What Do I Do With It - SeleMoir
Source: PxHere

It is not love that hurts. It’s the ones that come with it – fear, hope, expectations, rejection – to name a few. They all keep on growing. But now, love has grown enough to overshadow the others.

Does it in any way mean that you have to be with me for me to love you? No. But a part of me does crave for your company. I’ve been putting it down though, for conditional love is no love. It is a beautiful feeling. It has been and will be nurtured.

Now do I tell you about it? Do I take steps to be in your company? Do I confess? It can lead to something wonderful. But it can also lead to something painful. There’s the risk of losing what I have here, what we have here – our friendship.

I’m confused and I don’t know what to do from here. Because I’m fairly certain that this is not going to happen again. And for someone who is not used to such levels of emotions, this roller coaster is overwhelming.

So much to process… You tell me, what do I do with it…


  1. DD says:

    AAAAA, just don’t I did that and I lost everything and it HURTS and it seems like it keeps on hurting too I do not know how long will this feeling stays but its already been 4 ys


    1. SM says:

      I appreciate your comment. Thanks. But this is just a musing.


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