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A Conversation on a Hopeless Case

A Conversation on a Hopeless Case - SeleMoir
Source: WallpaperCave

Me1: Muse, you say?

Me2: Yes.

Me1: Haha!

Me2: What?

Me1: Let’s get back to the rational realm, where we thrive. Shall we?

Me2: Just a little more time.

Me1: Do you think it’ll be of any use?

Me2: I hope so.

Me1: You hope so?

Me2: Yes.

Me1: Since when did you start hoping instead of focusing on the odds? You’re a hopeless case.

Me2: Look who’s using the concept of hope.

Me1: Deal with this mess soon, or archive it, or you won’t have your muse, nor your mind. 

Me2: Yes. Like I said, just a little more time.

Me1: Okay. One last time.

Me2: Yes.

Me1: Then we go back.

Me2: Yes.

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