A Letter

A Letter - SeleMoir
A Letter - SeleMoir
Source: VectorStock

If I’m a black hole, I’m going on taking in experiences, growing largely unaffected by much of anything. Then came you, with as strong a field, maybe stronger, and shook everything up.

You’re everything that I’ve wanted. There’s the unique sense of individuality, independence and freedom, and yet there is empathy, kindness and tolerance. There are just so many things and not enough words. You’re just perfect. To avoid repetition, I won’t go on explaining. But I’ll tell you that you’ve affected my life in many ways, some you may know, some you may not.

But why would someone as perfect as you be with someone like me? I can’t say. But I can tell you this. That I’m willing to learn everything that is required of me. And that I’ll do everything that I can to be there for you and to support you in everything you do. You’ll just have to deal with my lack of social skills, mechanical approach to things and abstract interests.

I’ve never felt like this for anyone, I’ve never felt like this with anyone. No one ever fully knows what’s going to happen, and before I’m in a situation where I do not get an opportunity to do so, I’d say this.

I love you. In this voyage, the beautiful mornings, the sunny afternoons, the cold nights, the raging storms, everything will be felt, enjoyed and conquered, if you’re there. Else I’ll just take all of them and lock them up inside.


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