Miss Perfect

People usually look for perfection forgetting that there is beauty in imperfection.

Someone makes things tolerable, adorable and enjoyable rather, the things that you’d otherwise have found to be annoying.

Someone holds some values and principles close to them. It’s even better that they match with yours.

Someone understands you, appreciates you. And the more you know them, the more you appreciate them.

You’re good with numbers, not so with the more vague aspects of a case. Someone comes and shows you that you can be good at both.

You look up to a fictional personality who is an amalgamation of traits from those you admire. Someone comes and shows you that that personality can exist in reality.

You’re independent. Someone compels you to follow. That’s how good they are and that’s how much you trust them.

You’re hardheaded. Someone challenges you. And they are as good as to make you want to appreciate those challenges as an opportunity to learn.

Someone comes and inspires you to learn and grow, inspires you to be better.

You deal with chances of events happening, and someone comes and brings hope and optimism into your skeptic thoughts.

You’re logical most of the times. Someone comes and inspires you to feel, inspires you to live, love, laugh.

Someone’s eyes are penetrating into your being. They are a dungeon you don’t want to get out of. Their voice is a soothing music.

That person’s presence, mere thought, gets you energised.

I have found all of these qualities in one person and all her flaws are just decorations for her multifaceted beauty. I call her Miss Perfect.

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