The Truth Is

What is the truth? Do you know for certain that something is true? Does anyone know what the truth is? I don’t know. I don’t have a perfect answer for it. But, I think I have an appropriate one. The Truth for you is shaped according to the beliefs that you have.

One example would be the origin of the Universe, of course. Scientists say that it was created from the Big bang. People believe that. That’s the truth. But is it really? Has anyone seen it? Even if someone says that he has, how can we believe him? Yes, some people may; and for them, it will be the truth. Or is there any recording of it? Even if we find one, should we not question its reliability? After all, anyone with some computer graphics knowledge can make it.

Religious scriptures say that God has created it. People believe it. So it’s the truth for them. And different religious texts describe different processes of creation. So for those who believe, the respective process becomes the truth. But is it? Has God come to anyone and said that she/he, whatever the gender is, did it her/himself? Even if someone said that God told him, isn’t there a good chance that that person is lying or was hallucinating or dreaming when he experienced it?

And for that matter, it is a possibility that we’re dreaming right now. Or that I am, and you are in my dream; or that you are dreaming, and I am in yours. Or that we all are, and our dreams are in sync. Now, coming back to the previous point, does God exist? If she/he does, is our perception of him the right one?

And also, as it happens a lot, when people experience something and can’t explain it to themselves or accept it as it is, not that anyone knows how exactly it is, despite the event being unchangeable, they try to put their own belief system on it to explain it to themselves. It doesn’t matter how much someone tries to explain the situation to them. They won’t listen until something changes their mind.

Questions like these can be asked in every single aspect, event and experience. And in the end, it all comes down to beliefs. Isn’t it? Our beliefs shape the truth for us. It’s all relative. Or is it?

So what’s the absolute truth? I don’t know yet. But then again, does anyone?

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