Everyone believes in something and that something can be anything. Everyone believes in someone and that someone can be anyone. Either to fit in or to show off, either by studying and applying logic or just guessing, most people give a statement about something that is being discussed. Now that topic can be discussed in a group or community or that person may be discussing with himself. But when it comes to “Beliefs”, most of these people can be grouped in two categories; one say that one’s beliefs form one’s life/world, other one say that one’s life/environment make one believe in something or someone by directly or indirectly affecting one’s judgments.

But nothing is perfect, and here as well, no theory is perfect; and both of the statements on beliefs, given here, are correct. They are complementary and together they are applicable in almost all cases. Now, let me explain both with examples.

Think about someone who believes being punctual is right. He starts being punctual as he believes he should be. Then gradually it becomes a habit for him to be on time. Then as time passes being punctual becomes a part of him; he is always on time without any conscious effort.

Now, think about someone who has been made to be punctual. He eventually realises the benefits of punctuality and time management, and starts applying them voluntarily; and it becomes a second nature to him.

No one less lies at the extreme ends of either spectra, though, when it comes to the application of the perspectives. Where do you lie? What do you think?

Got something to say? Feel free! Just don't be too harsh.

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