A Quest for Perfection

A Quest for Perfection - SeleMoir
A Quest for Perfection - SeleMoir
Source: Taneli Lahtinen, Unsplash

Perfection, how wonderful would it be for someone to achieve it! But it is one of the things that cannot be reached. It is like an epitome of desire placed at a distance. You crawl, walk, run towards it, but you can never reach it. With each step you take, you feel it; you feel that you are getting closer. You get satisfied with your effort, but then you look up and realise that the distance is still the same.

You look around and find others running towards it as well. Some are coming closer to you, some are going farther, but they are, nevertheless, moving towards the object. Some will look at you with friendly expression and some otherwise, and yet some will be indifferent altogether. On this journey of yours, the other travellers can affect you indirectly for good or bad. But they cannot do it directly, for to do that they’d have to leave their path towards the object and come to yours. But each person has a unique path and if they are not on theirs, then you shouldn’t care as then they wouldn’t have anything to do with the object. Hence, for better or worse, they cannot affect your quest towards the object unless you allow them to tinker with your path.

A radiation is flowing through each path. As you move forward in the path, you are taking it in. That’s why, although the distance to the object is unchanging despite your best efforts, you feel the change with each step. Taken together, the radiation is neutral; neither all good nor all bad just as, perfection is neither all good nor all bad. It cannot be, for otherwise, there will be something left. And if something is left, it would not be perfect.

Sometimes in your journey, you may feel like someone or something dragged you back, but that is not the case. Like I said, your path is yours alone. Then why do you feel so? Think about workout. You have to keep raising the bar after a period. And after you do, you feel tired for a while, like in the initial days when you just started working out. The case here is similar.

Two things can be perfect. First one is nothing, complete emptiness, absolute nothingness. So in the pursuit of perfection one may argue that he can destroy things. But that won’t work. Your existence is something; it leaves a mark. That is something. So what if you destroy yourself, you ask? That would also leave a mark. So we cannot work towards absolute nothingness. We can work only in the opposite direction. The other thing that can be perfect is everything taken together, absolutely everything. But that is also unattainable, no matter how hard someone tries. So one should not get desperate over it for it would prove to be hurtful sooner or later.

One should not get obsessed on this path. Nothing can be gained from obsession. There is always a limit within which one should work, a threshold under which one should move forward, for otherwise it becomes too risky a job to pursue and the journey becomes more hurtful than rewarding.

That said; we should tread with grace and perseverance on our sides.

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