From “A Blog of Mine” to “My Blog”

I think it’s time to change it from “a blog of mine” to “my blog”. This is because I am not a blogger, who also pursues higher knowledge in other fields; but a person seeking higher knowledge in some fields, who also likes to blog. To give you an idea, I am working towards getting Masters’ Degree in two subject areas, at least, and to get certified by and be a member of two Professional Bodies.

Add to that the obvious fact that blogging is not my area of expertise. I have been getting better at it, and I have no plans of halting this trend. In fact, I’m planning to put more effort on individual posts from now on. I’ll be removing the published gameplay videos, and I may also remove a few other posts. As for sharing articles and videos, Twitter is there, and Instagram is there for Photography. However, the Facebook page won’t be active now, and neither will be the YouTube channel or the Google+ page.

Let’s see how it goes.

5 thoughts on “From “A Blog of Mine” to “My Blog””

  1. Exploring with your space often allows you to figure out what you exactly want from it. Go for it. 🙂


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