Buying a Pen

Buying a Pen - SeleMoir
Buying a Pen - SeleMoir
Source: Art Lasovsky, Unsplash

I bought a pen after a long time. Last time I had bought four pieces of a model with a few re-fills. It took a few months for me to use them all up. I am writing more than before – as in exams, posts for the blog, and random stories and stuff, etc. But I am also writing less and this has to do with studies. Yes, I do practice problems and all, and of course I have to write when doing so. But I’m always trying to do a few calculations and skip a few steps in my mind. I am also more successful these days at avoiding writing notes. I do understand that it’s important. But not everyone prefers the same way of studying. Some take notes during class, some later from a book or multiple sources, some just highlight important stuff in books, and some just don’t do any of it. I am one who does not take notes or highlights stuff in any way. I listen, I read, I practice, I think. That’s all. But most professors don’t understand it, saying, “Just write”. I’ll save my thoughts on that for later.

So I bought a pen after a while, and it felt great when I was testing some at the store. I remembered one of Sheth’s posts. It was a similar experience, just a bit different. When asked which pen I wanted, I said “anything under fifteen”. I was shown a pen, and I was expected to buy it. “No. Show me what you have under fifteen.” He sighed. It was late in the afternoon. He was probably tired and wanted to go home, have lunch and take some rest before resuming with his shop again. As he went back to get some, I said, “Just get the good ones you have.” He brought some and I picked three. “You want them?” “No I have used them. I want something else.” Then I tried a few and finally found one. I was trying to put back the little plastic cover that’s there to protect the tip back on the ones I didn’t buy. “Don’t bother with them. It’s fine.” I smiled, paid, and left the shop.

When returning, I thought to myself who else would buy a pen like that? It’s something more. It’s a similar case with clothes, phones, shoes, books, almost everything. When I cannot change it as and when I please, I try to implement change in a different manner. It was problematic when I had not realised properly what it is. I’m getting better at it now. I’ll save it for later, when I think I can properly convey what I want to.

So who else buys pens like that? I haven’t found many people like that. A different model just because you have used one, for a change. Do you do that?


  1. The tragedies of life. 😀😀
    And, I can relate with the professors not understanding. Yeah. Happens. But, you gotta do what you gotta do and if it doesn’t work, then accept and learn. But, better to make mistakes and learn than to regret. Like you said, a different story.


    1. Haha. Now let me “Thank you”. Thank you for understanding, Sheth. 😀

      And about our awesome education system, I’ll surely be writing more on that. Here is something I think you’ll like – from Inc.

      And have you read the previous post? (smiles innocently) 🙂

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      1. Interesting article, SM. And, I could definitely relate to it, having been identified as a gifted kid back when I was in grade school. I had been asked if I wanted to skip a grade, but my parents and I decided against it. I don’t regret that decision, because it has brought me to so many people and taught me so many things and all that wouldn’t have happened had I skipped a grade. Either way, I am glad I had the opportunity to be a part of that school, but as mentioned in the article, more schools – across the world and not just in the US – need to understand how to identify gifted kids and help them out; give them a platform to shine.

        Further, I just read your previous post. 🙂 Thanks for mentioning it. I don’t know how I missed out on it; I make sure to check the posts/blog roll whenever I drop by.


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