Going through One Blog Archive at a Time

Going through One Blog Archive at a Time - SeleMoir
Going through One Blog Archive at a Time - SeleMoir
Source: Di_An_h, Unsplash

Blogs, Newspapers, Magazines, Publications, Video Channels, TV Shows, Comics, Mangas, Authors, and the list goes on. We may follow numerous sources in each category, but there are the few that we especially prefer over the others. I took three of the blogs I like the most and have decided to go through the whole of the archives of two blogs, and part of it of the third one, as it is several years old and is updated on a regular basis.

The first one is that of a friend. We don’t know each other very well, but I admire her, and I am going through all of the posts, and comments made on them as at the time of reading the respective posts, to have a long virtual conversation. I am half way through it, and I have, now, even more reasons to admire her. I have also found out a few things on which I wouldn’t readily agree with her, but that’s natural. Another reason for reading all the posts is the fact that she is really good at it. She is way better than I am at Grammar, Vocabulary, and at portraying the subtle nuances of speech in writing, which I always find difficult to do.

The second one is the blog a very close friend of mine. He has written on a variety of topics, and has a miscellaneous blog, you can say. He’s not that good at writing, but some of his posts are really thoughtful.

The third one is a blog that I have recommended to others because of the thoughtfulness and the quality of writing. You cannot but acknowledge the amount of effort put into each of the articles. It is V. H. Belvadi.

As far as my friends are concerned, I will not be stating the names. The first one is more than twice as smart as I am (that’s being conservative, I’d say), and the second one, I know for sure, likes to dig into the stats on a regular basis. So you know who you are. You’re welcome (as you were about to thank me for increasing the ‘views’).

I will also be removing some from, and adding some to, the feed reader after I have gone through a considerable amount of posts on these blogs, in an effort to optimise the list.

What about you? Do you have any blogs like that in your reader? Do you optimise the list in your feed reader?


  1. This is such a good idea. I read through one entire blog today because I felt a kinship with her but didn’t think about posting my thoughts on what I read or a link to her post–duh! thanks. I’m going to write a post about it today!


    1. Thank you. It is indeed, if you actually like the blog or the blogger. I’m almost done with one of them and did not leave a like or a comment on any of the posts either. I’ll definitely be reading your post when it’s online. 🙂

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      1. I think I did it. Gave you credit as well as another blog that inspired me. And, if all goes well, I gave my readers a link to your blog. hope that’s ok. We’ll see if it worked.


  2. I have to agree, it’s a great way to learn more from those you admire. I have half a mind to do just that, but then time gets in the way and so do other priorities. But, yes, it’s definitely something that I will keep in mind. Once again, an interesting take on blogging! 🙂


    1. Oh, and the third blog that you recommended is quite amazing. I’m just disappointed that it doesn’t have the facility of following it through WordPress.


  3. You recently followed my blog and I’m gonna take the liberty to assume that you went through many posts and enjoyed it (today’s ego boost quota). Thanks for following. Gonna follow back as well since I like what you have going on in here 🙂


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