Stats, Appearance, and More

It feels great to share with you that the view count on SeleMoir has crossed One Thousand, both on the blog (on WordPress) and on the Magazine (on Flipboard). Now, Flipboard does not have an equivalent “views” number, but has “page flips”.

Yes, it is a small number, but it is something. Especially for the magazine, which has been active since 12th July, 2016 only, whereas the blog has been active since 29th February, 2016. As at the time of writing this post, the numbers are as below.

Blog: Visitors – 549, Views – 1030;
Magazine: Viewers -683, Page Flips – 1276;



Stats WordPress 1000

Stats Flipboard 1000

So Thank You to all the readers and supporters. Let’s see when they cross 5000.

I have been trying themes, widgets, etc. from the beginning. I haven’t found one that I am completely satisfied with yet. I am also trying themes in the back-end sometimes, especially when new ones are released. For now, I have three themes that I like – Libre, Afterlight, and Twenty Sixteen. Which one would you choose?

I have removed some widgets as well. The ones that will be active are Search, Subscribe, and six RSS widgets showing the two latest posts published under each category.

The email subscription system by is not very sophisticated. I wanted to implement a subscription system, where one can choose the categories to subscribe to and the frequency of email. This is because about four to six posts are published each week and with emails for each post, one’s inbox can become crowded. But it is not possible yet. So I have created a “Subscribe” page and mentioned there to update the subscription preferences, especially the frequency of emails. I personally would go for a weekly email.

That’s all for now. Let’s see how it goes.

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