To be a Better Writer

From “Journal of an Eclectic Mind” to “An Eclectic Journal”, lead and read by beautiful minds.

I want to make it into something more. I want to add more topics and increase the frequency of posts under some of the existing ones. But I refuse to publish posts on topics that I know nothing about. So I either learn it or work with someone who has a better grasp of it. But then again, I can only approach someone I know, and trust when it comes to the said topic. Because, sometimes, they may have a better grasp of the topic, but it can be a little more refined, or the written article may need some editing before going online.

For example, I have a friend who watches lots of movies, and have usually been on top of the latest releases, most grossing, etc., but I am sure that I would have to go through every article that he writes before publishing it. On the other hand, if Sheth writes something on, say, photography, I can safely say that I won’t have to go through each one that she writes. I mentioned Sheth as an example. Sheth is not a sponsor, but a friend (although I won’t mind if she feels so and transfers a few millions, or more, to my account).

For the idea to even be a possibility, it all comes down to the growth of SeleMoir and the quality and quantity of posts, and for that, I have to become a better writer in addition to reading and watching more about the topics I write about. And experience tells me, it can be done with patience, lots of reading, consistent writing. I may still be an amateur when it comes to writing, but when I look back, I see that I have improved steadily, and I’ll say this.

If you’re new to blogging, or writing in general, or are simply trying to be better, have patience, read a lot, think, keep writing, and keep reflecting on your progress. You can do more; this is just the basic stuff, and it works.

15 thoughts on “To be a Better Writer”

        1. Yes. I cannot tell you how much I liked reading one of your posts about the somewhat unseen struggle of a writer.

          I have two articles on writing in the queue. I think you’ll like at least one of them. 🙂

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  1. You give way more credit than one can ever accept! And, that’s something I should definitely learn. 🙂 I certainly don’t deserve this and knowing how stubborn you can be, all I can say is thank you for the reference.
    You’re a great writer yourself, with far more informative content than I’ve ever had to offer!
    And I have to agree – blogging has helped me hone my writing skills, while reading other bloggers’ work has helped me understand where I fall short. I still struggle with the grammar at times. And that’s why, “Gotta keep writing!”


    1. I have a “bad habit” of both praising and criticising my friends a little more than needed (sometimes). I’m also completely honest at times.

      Honestly, if I were to propose a fellow blogger for collaboration, you’d probably be the first. Yes, you’re not the best, and neither am I. (But you’re great.)

      I had actually written about the possibility of collaboration, but removed a whole paragraph as that’d have been too much. 😀


      1. Haha, right. About the collaboration thing… I’ve a lot on my plate right now and am waiting for a few months to pass before I can get into a routine and have a clear mind to cater to other things (like blogging periodically). What kind of collaboration are you talking about, though? You’ve got me interested. 🙂


        1. Not much. We just write about the stuff we like and we know and create a place where there are articles on variety of topics, while being good, but not completely professional, and retaining a personal touch. If that makes sense.

          You work on you “plate” for now and I’ll work on mine. Let the months pass. We’ll have something less on our plates where there’ll be enough place for a blog.

          And maybe by that time, the blog would have grown, and the idea refined. We’ll see. Thanks in advance. (See what I did there? Appointment booked.) 😀

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        2. Hmm, makes sense. Did I mention you have a way with words? 🙂 Good luck on your journey, till then! I’m sure the blog will have grown immensely.


  2. Patience is key in all forms of writing. You also point out a valid point in that you do research. I don’t know if this is how your mind works or not, but many times listening to music helps inspire.

    I know much of the time I develop playlists specific to my blog or certain topics. Everyone does different things. I’m sure anyone who writes strives to be a better writer. Even the best can always do better, so never sell yourself short.

    Cheers! ^_^


    1. Right. Patience. I love music, but I don’t have dedicated playlists. I do have a friend who does that. As for me, I don’t know how to put it into words. I keep switching between different articles I’m writing, and reading, etc. So that the same chains of thoughts are not exhausted a lot, but they are not underused either. If that makes sense. 😀

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      1. Nice strategy. I like it. Yeah, I don’t always use music, as some of the poetry I write requires I don’t because there is a certain way in which something is being said, or a certain sound to it and sometimes music will make it hard to focus on that.

        I still use it quite a bit. Part of it is in the way I visualize what I’m writing. I get what you are saying by the way.

        Also sorry it took so long to get back to your comment. I had work.

        Darn adulting.

        Cheers! ^_^


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