Intense Trailer Reactions

“That was intense.”

It was the first time I watched a trailer reaction, and I liked the idea behind it. Then for about a week I watched many trailer reactions, and reactions to other creators’ videos. I discovered some new channels – a few good, a few not so much. But I was tired of hearing “That was intense” in both the cases. Be it action, or romance, or horror, or comedy, or thriller, or anything, there is always an “intense”.

Yes, I get it. I understand what they mean, but still it gets old if they keep saying it in most of their videos; there are other ways to appreciate a trailer (or another creator’s video) as well. It also seems like many creators are using the word because others are doing so. Then the intense use of “intense” would suggest that it is in the rise like a trend, or a meme, in the “Reactions” genre.

Another thing I’d like to add here is when a viewer opens a reaction video, she/he expects to watch the reaction to the said video, not a poker face. Many channels are just showing the trailer and say a line or two before, during, or after it, and “thanks for watching”. In the name of reaction, they are just uploading the said video in their channel. There are those who show their reactions, share their views on the said video, or have multiple hosts who discuss about it. Do something more.

Now when a viewer has watched the original video in the reaction video, there is a good chance that she/he will not open the original video to watch it again. If you’re not doing anything more, then please don’t show the said video completely. Actually even if you do, show just parts of it, or in a very small form factor. There are those who do it, and provide links to the original videos. Check them out.

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