Curation, Creation, and some Changes

I started SeleMoir for a rough implementation of an idea subject to changes and refinements. The changes this time are related to, as the name of the post says, Curation, Creation, and some other things.

I’ll be using Flipboard for sharing links to articles and videos etc. It’s not perfect, and not everyone uses Flipboard to follow the SeleMoir magazine, but it’s the most convenient option that I found and the links that are added will be shown is a pleasing manner.

As for publishing posts, I’ll not be restricting the number of words between 150 and 350, and neither will there be the requirement of publishing one post per week. There will also be a change in the types of posts. I’ll not reschedule any of the published ones, but I’ll be removing a few of them.

Let’s see how it goes.

2 thoughts on “Curation, Creation, and some Changes”

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