Handle the Worst to Deserve the Best?

Handling the worst to deserve the best does not seem wrong. Something achieved after hardship becomes a thing of much value to the achiever. But how far can this idea be used?

There is a statement that has been used so much as to lose its relevance – a cliche. I quote, “If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best.” It was first said by Marilyn Monroe.

Again, this seems right, but not always. As far as the meaning of the statement goes, I agree with it. But most of the time it is used as an excuse for ill behaviour, which is not very agreeable, nor is it as excusable.

If it happens sometime that you are in a bad mood or are distressed or such and someone has to deal with it, then it’s okay. But if it happens so often that the best you give is more like a consolation for the worst, rather than the worst being the price for the best, then it becomes an excuse.

Think about it. Would you really switch places with the other person and be willing to take it all? In such a case, is it really worth it?

4 thoughts on “Handle the Worst to Deserve the Best?”

  1. I agree. I also think that too many people use things of the past as excuses for behavior. Once you realize why you are behaving badly or not in a loving way, it becomes necessary to find a way to work through it. Reasons and excuses are vastly different.


  2. Your second last paragraph, especially the line in bold… Interesting. I’d agree. Are you at your worse more than you’re at your best? Definitely worth thinking upon. Great post.


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