When I was Told to be a Hypocrite

It’s been some time since it happened and I don’t remember it very well. After a long day, I was sitting and thinking about some things, when a friend came with a cup of coffee, sat next to me and asked what the matter was.

I respected him for his strong sense of duty. I told him that I was thinking about the people I dealt with that day and even without an ideal scale, most of them were hypocrites. I got an unexpected response to this. He told me to be a hypocrite as well.

I was judgemental for a few days, then I just let it be because I realised that his set of principles is different from mine; that his top priority was to discharge his duties, fulfil his obligations, and if while doing that he appeared to be a hypocrite, he was okay with it. In that sense, he had advised me.

I learnt a few things after some reflections. On an absolute scale, everyone is a hypocrite and the only thing that is perfect is the abundance of imperfection. But just because it cannot be achieved, it does not mean that we should stop working towards it; we have to correct our flaws one at a time. Hypocrisy cannot be eradicated on an ideal scale, but it can always be minimised.

2 thoughts on “When I was Told to be a Hypocrite”

  1. Agreed. While I loathe hypocrisy, it is challenging to be idealistic and flawless at the same time. As I am ageing I find myself less engaged in the frivlous conversations that lead to opinions being bandied about for this very reason. Unless I am asked directly and only with the preface, “While I do not claim to be an expert on the matter, what I have learned from my own experience is….” But. Sadly I have learned that impeccability leads to abandonment. Peopel don’t generally want to with someone who holds a mirror up for themselves. It makes them all wiggly inside their own skin…..😔


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