Buying Smartphone: Old Expensive or New Budget-friendly?

Buying Smartphone - Old Expensive or New Budget-friendly - SeleMoir
Buying Smartphone - Old Expensive or New Budget-friendly - SeleMoir
Source: AndroidPIT

Smartphone industry is progressing fast. As a result, phones launched even a year ago are seeming outdated and prices are dropping. Now you can get phones which were high-end a year ago for prices of current low-end phones. But whether that would be a good deal or not depends on your preferences, what you want and what you can manage without. Here are a few things to give you a brief idea.

What you get with older high-end model is better optimisation.

  • Better build quality;
  • Better screen – not PPI, but contrast, saturation, white balance etc.;
  • Better stock applications;
  • Better UI, themes etc.;
  • Better Battery life; etc.

What you get with newer low-end model is better hardware.

  • Possibly more sensors – more things can be done (although not as optimised);
  • Possibly better Camera (although not as good a Camera app);
  • Possibly better SoC, RAM, etc. (although not as optimised);
  • Possibly faster data transmission rate;
  • Possibly better cellular reception; etc.

From my personal experience though, the biggest compromise was the lesser quality WiFi reception and data transfer rate. I cannot say for certain if this is because of steps taken to lessen the strain on hardware by periodically pausing data transmission or simply because the hardware couldn’t handle the load. But I’ve definitely seen such behaviour on more than one devices, which makes me think the later might be true; or may be simple depreciation can account for it.

So, again, which one you should go for depends on your preferences.

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